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The Butterfly

The butterfly is an image of tranquillity for it is only in a calm surrounding that we find them. The butterfly represents a new lease of life; symbolising at the same time the mature stage of life, after the egg, caterpillar and cocoon.

The Blade of Grass

The blade of grass the butterfly is resting on symbolises a resting place: a home. It conveys the idea of stillness, adding to the overall image of serenity.

The Square

The square is the most stable form of all geometric shapes. It stabilises the whole composition. The division created by the blade of grass results in two different zones, that within which the butterfly is part of and that without, representing the different world in which PWD are perceived to be living in. In actual fact, theirs is a world as real as ours, part of ours, as in the formation of the square. The lines are bars of entrapments which prevent us from reaching out to them.

However, the butterfly is slowly coming out of that world, rising out from behind the bars. The Home has created the environment and has encouraged it to.  AHL reaches out to those with dementia, giving them a new lease of life, a resting place…a home.