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Apex Harmony Lodge (AHL) is a purpose-built home for dementia residents.

A brief history of the Home’s beginning is detailed below:

27th November 1999

Rear-Admiral Teo Chee Hean, Minister for Education, 2nd Minister for Defence, and Member of Parliament for Pasir Ris GRC, officially declared the opening of AHL.

3rd September 1999

Opening of the Day Care Centre to a capacity of 20.

15th April 1999

Obtained Licence to operate as a Nursing Home to a capacity of 210 Residents.

23th July 1997

Groundbreaking ceremony of AHL.

23th July 1997

Registration of AHL as a charity under the Charities Act on 23 July 1997. The Charity Registration Number is 1270.

19th May 1995

AHL was registered as a society on 19 May 1995 (Gazetted on 2 June 1995 vide Notification Number 1810). The Registry of Society Number is 305/94 WEL.

30th March 1995

The Ministry of Health approved the Health Endowment Account.

1st September 1994

The first meeting of pro-tem committee was held and the name “Apex Harmony Lodge” was decided.

31 August 1994

The Ministry of Health approved in principle the setting up of the Lodge for People with Dementia.

4th January 1994

The concept paper for the Lodge was submitted to the Ministry of Health.