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Apex Harmony Lodge (AHL) is the first purpose-built Lodge for Person with Dementia (PWD) in Singapore. It is a home away from home for residents since 1999. The Lodge also provides Day-care programmes. It sits within landscaped gardens and courtyards surrounded by greenery that providing a sense of peace and calmness.

AHL believes that PWD should enjoy the same quality of life as any individual. Our Residential Care, Day Care and Respite Care are based on a Person-Centred Care model and our mission to provide the best of care for persons living with dementia. Our value is to serve each other with Respect, Integrity, Perseverance, Passion and Devotion and to provide the most Excellent Care for our Residents. We envision a place where the Residents and staff live as one family, work as a team, and daring to dream to make things happen. It is where unity of hearts and care transcends every moment.


The volunteers and community partners are also on a life’s journey with AHL to empower each other, leaving unforgettable moments in the hearts of every person they touch.

This is a journey of mutual respect, love and care in the physical, social, emotional and mental realms. Together, staff, Residents, Day Care Elders, families and partners join hearts and to create the metamorphosis of the beautiful butterfly, living each stage of life to the fullest.

At Apex Harmony Lodge, we believe that people with dementia is a gift to all of us. Life at the Lodge is full of discovery and abounds with endless possibilities.Let the feelings, inner voices and thoughts of our elders and staff be heard and validated. Click the movie below and enter into our world of possibilities and make new discoveries!