Admission - Residential Care, Day Care and Respite Care  
  Criteria for Admission  

Applicants must be diagnosed to be suffering from dementia. They must be Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents. (Applicants must be free from infectious lung disease).

To apply, Person with Dementia shall be referred by Agency of Integrated Care. To receive subsidy, the applicants’ immediate family members are to declare their income for Means Testing.

  How to apply for subsidised residential care / day care  

Family shall make appointment with Medical Social Worker (MSW) of the Hospital.
MSW submits the referral to Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) where applicable.
AIC will then refer the applicant to the appropriate Nursing Home / Day Care Centre.

  Payment Status  

Almost 90% of the Residents are subsidised by the Government and out of these Residents between 25% and 35% were unable to pay the fees after subsidies. These fee will be funded by the donations collected from AHL donation drives and donors contribution.