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  Nurturing the Heart … into the inner lives of our residents  

Nurturing the Heart (NTH) is an initiative in Apex Harmony Lodge where arts is a medium to enable and encourage residents to express themselves in meaningful ways, and through the therapeutic process of art-making, residents affirm their dignity and improve their self-esteem.

Studies have shown art therapy can enhance communication, brain function and social interaction for people with dementia (PWDs). Visual art can be a healthy channel for people with dementia to express themselves, ignite dormant memories and initiate conversations for people who have to struggle to express themselves. As PWDs are involved in the art creating process, it has been noted that the activity stimulates the whole brain and enhance their emotional and physical well-being.

NTH has grown in scale and scope since its inception in 2014. The initiative has now a total of 13 in-house designed programmes including performing arts such as angklung, percussion, drum circle; visual arts such as decorative painting, cultural calligraphy and  music storytelling; and self-expression through Creative Space and arts for comfort and attachment through  doll therapy and reminiscence therapy just to name a few.  Underpinning this initiative is our person-centred care philosophy, 4E approach as enabler and outcomes whether our residents participate in individual, group or community programmes. Like-minded partners also collaborate with our NTH team in various partnerships such as inter-generational programmes resulting in multiple benefits to the pre-schoolers, youth and our PWDs apart from promoting interaction and fostering co-operation amongst different generations.

We are pleased to share the following highlights in NTH:

  1. Intergenerational Collaboration… forging understanding and bonding between generations  

Our inter-generational approach has grown and is developing into signature strength with the strong support of partners like Siglap Secondary School, United World Collage SEA and Church of Holy Trinity Kindergarten (CHTK).  Central to these collaborative sustained partnerships is the growth of our residents and students of Siglap Sec, United World College SEA and pre-schoolers of CHTK as they interact and make connections,  learn and work together in games and art-creating sessions or enjoy percussion session together weekly.  These partnerships also promote social cohesion and forge inter-generational bonds at the community level, leading to increased understanding and appreciation of each generation.


Ah boy, place the lego here.


Auntie May, let’s put our best smiles



Its ok, we try again to knock all down


We just need to feel the blocks ...

  2. Visual Arts …. for self-expression  


Back to school… I feel young again!

Aiyoh… nothing is so big deal that I can’t handle.

An all-time favourite of residents, visual arts activities are provided at in-home and in-lodge level and residents have numerous opportunities to participate in these varied art-based activities as part of their daily lives in the lodge.  Through these programmes, residents are able to express themselves to others, which is significant as for some residents, other types of communication are starting to fail. Residents’ artistic talents are also uncovered as these abilities are preserved despite having dementia. Art therapy also brings also joy and fulfilment to the resident in the midst of managing challenges of living with dementia.

  3. Performing Arts and Community Presence  

Our Performing arts programmes are designed to enable residents to enjoy music making together with fellow residents, caregivers and partners.  The focus is on the therapeutic process where residents immerse and enjoy themselves through these programmes which give them a sense of purpose, dignity and self-identity.  Community presence is a platform where residents join and share with the community through their music performance and underlying this platform is the aim to share talents/strengths of our residents and help the community gain an understanding of persons with dementia.


Yeah! Let’s follow the beat!



Let’s get ready to welcome our guests!


Drums with recorder accompaniment…
a wonderful match


         Tell the world we can do it…
Let’s put on a good performance!