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Fun & Fit – Adding Years to Life 

Exercise has a positive effect on people with dementia (PWDs) and results in significant improvement in physical and functional activity. In Apex Harmony Lodge, exercise is an integral part of the holistic care approach for our residents. Anchored on person-centred care principles and our 4E approach, our exercise programme aims to restore fitness in our residents and is delivered with a fun element to bring joy and enjoyment to them.

In the Fun and Fit (F & F) initiative, an array of Fun and Fit therapy programmes which are unique and personalised is provided to enhance residents’ physical and functional capability which is key to improving well-being and living a quality life. The F & F initiative is focussed on building strength, sustaining endurance, improving balance, proprioception and gait patterns in residents. To add variety and sustain interest, a suite of in-Home, in-Lodge and in-Community F & F programmes is designed and provided to enthuse, promote independence, encourage socialisation and provide normalisation for our residents.

Some of the highlights of our F & F initiative are:

1. Gym Tonic – where Exercise is my secret 'medicine'

F&F                                          F&F

Pumping it out at Gym Tonic so that
I can wheel my own wheelchair.

Sponsored by Lien Foundation, Gym Tonic is an initiative to improve residents’ strength and balance. Using air pressure to operate, the machines are tailored to the physical capability and capacity of our residents. Both ambulatory and wheelchair bound residents can participate and have benefitted from this programme. Besides reducing risk of fall, this weekly gym training prepares residents through strength training via safe pneumatic gym equipment to improve physical fitness and overall well-being.


2. Morning Ventures … into the neighbourhood with my kakis

F&F                   F&F

Say cheese! We look charming with our poses & smiles!

      'Hello little one! Come, give ah gong a high-five!'

Initiated in 2014, Morning Venture is a perennial favourite with residents and staff alike as they venture out for a leisurely morning walk in the neighbourhood. From having only ambulatory residents, this initiative has been scaled up to include residents on pedal wheel-chair which has restored mobility, enabled freedom and provided the pleasure of moving independently for some residents. A typical Morning Venture starts with residents walking enthusiastically to the bus stop to take a ride to the neighbourhood coffee shop for coffee/tea and their favourite snack. As our residents savour these familiar simple joys of life and watch the world goes by, they are truly living the life they want, celebrating their golden years and not allowing dementia to limit or stop them from living fulfilled lives.


3. Active Rehab Exercise (ARE) … is part of my daily routine

F&F                    F&F

You will get strong arms like me when you exercise!

Cycling our way to be the next top cyclist in AHL

Anchored on a nurturing and empowering approach, our ARE exercises are designed and planned with residents’ preferred choices, abilities and strengths as underlying principles to encourage and cheer residents on to embracing ARE as part of their daily living routine. 

In ARE, residents are always enthused to work with our therapists for their daily diet of exercises to sustain their functional and physical status. This in turn enables them to move around and carry on with their daily activities with minimal assistance.


4. Passive Range of Motion ( PROM) –from me to you …

For residents who are bedbound, Tender loving care is what our therapists shower to them!

Our therapists carry out Passive Range of Motion (PROM) with residents regularly to help prevent weak muscles or stiffness due to non-us These exercises help to improve and maintain circulation by keeping joints and muscles functioning and healthy.


             From me to you … a bit at a time and surely
            you will have healthy muscles and strength in due time


5.  Morning Group Exercise –  that’s how I start my day

MGE1              MGE

  'One and two and three… and up your arms! 

               Put my hands on my hips and sway to the beat of the music!      

Daily morning group exercises is another key aspect of care to promote physical activity and maintain residents’ mobility and independence. The exercise movements are meaningfully designed to enhance ADLs, stimulate the brain and fun-based to enable enjoyment during exercises.   It also promotes socialisation between residents and therapists while simultaneously keeping our residents engaged and fit.