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  Therapy Through Work  

Work is central to our culture and is a source of self-worth and personal identity. Through work, a person can use his skills and abilities and gain recognition for his competence and contribution to his family and society. Being diagnosed with dementia does not erase the need for a sense of self-worth, belonging and inclusion, and acknowledged as a productive and valued individual of the community. It is important however, to know that it is more challenging for person with dementia (PWDs) to perform tasks successfully. There is little to no opportunities available in the community to support PWDs and enable them to use their skills to contribute meaningfully to society.

Apex Harmony Lodge recognizes that most elderly in Singapore has a strong work ethic and work constitute a major part of who they are; their self-identity. The Therapy Through Work ( TTW ) initiative was developed and designed to provide therapeutic effect with ‘Work’ as a medium for our residents who still find work meaningful and rewarding, supporting them to live their pre-dementia life as much as possible. Under TTW, work-related programmes are implemented with the aim to foster self-worth, purpose and dignity in our residents; key components of good mental health and inextricably linked to their sense of being a valued person. These activities promote independence as our residents learn to take on tasks themselves over time, thereby reducing incapacity and learned helplessness. These activities could also potentially stimulate and maximize their cognitive abilities like attention and recalling.

In every TTW programme, person-centred care forms the basis of programme design and delivery i.e. every resident is given the autonomy to choose the type of ‘Work’ activities he/she chooses to be engaged in. The Lodge supports and accommodates by ensuring that residents are able to carry out the tasks with success, i.e. within their maximized capacity and thereby creating rich experiences for them. Since the inception of TTW in 2013,’ Work’ has become an integral part of the vibrant and purposeful lifestyle of some residents in the Lodge. They look forward to every new day and enjoy the unique ‘ Work’ they are empowered to participate and enable them to contribute and being valued persons in society.

  In the Home  

Moss Therapy



Work gives me something to do and look forward to everyday.

Not only does it require my attention and focus,
my motorskills are being used as well.


 Greeny All These (Plucking Vegetables)


Spinach for tonight’s dinner!

I like it neat and proper.



Plucking vegetables for meals is something I used to do
at home. It is a familiar and meaningful chore to me.
It helps me to re-discover my gifts!

  Work activities at the Lodge- In-Lodge Gardening  

In The Lodge



This is the garden where we look after the plants.


Greening the world one pot at a time.



Putting my green fingers skills to use in the garden.



Coriander planted and grown by one of us,
to be harvested for cooking!

  Silverable Me (Packing cutlery)  

Synergistic partnership with Cheng Moh Huat Supplier Trading Co. 

             Even though I have lost my vision, I am still
                    a valued person through my ‘Work’


First, let me insert a plastic knife…



                     Sealing the packet before it is good-to-go!

  In the Community:  

An unique feature of the Therapy Through Work strand involves bringing our residents out to various community settings to re-experience  work in a real work setting. This return to the community serves to normalize the lives of our residents and stimulate their senses which are dulled by prolonged institution. We are privileged to have synergistic partnerships with some like-minded and like-hearted companies who made it possible for us to provide the community presence for PWDs under our care. 

Gardening at Greenology Pte Ltd  (community partner’s nursery.)



       With belief and support, I can still enjoy gardening
       with others in the community despite my lack of mobility.


Cha cha dancing during tea-break spices work at this very
unique work setting. We love dancing, anytime, anywhere!


                Using our hands to do some plant propagation.
                     This is what we love doing together.


Tea and snacks after our hard work rejuvenate us!

 Crispy Folds at Orchid Laundry Pte Ltd community partner’s




               We take pride in all the work we do.
               We surprise others with near perfect!


               Enjoying a cup of kopi-o and lunch at the nearby
                food court with my friends. My kind of retirement



           Every week, we look forward to work at the dry-cleaning site