Alzheimer’s Action Day 2018


Apex Harmony Lodge is proud to be celebrating Alzheimer’s Action Day (AAD) 2018 at Pasir Ris East Community Club, Level 2 on 29th September from 10am to 4pm. This year, our theme is “Together as a Dementia Respectful Community”, bringing everyone together as one community to support Persons with Dementia (PWD) to live well.

For AAD 2018, we would like to invite you to our fun-filled carnival!

Aside from the mouth-watering food stalls, our residents will also be performing and showcasing their talents on that day.

  • Join in the fun as our residents show off their musical skills in hitting the drums and playing the angklung.

  • Witness the heart-warming bond between PWD with kindergarten students in a special intergenerational performance brought to you in collaboration with the Church of the Holy Trinity kindergarten.

  • Fabulous artworks hand-drawn by our PWD are also available for sale, along with other unique merchandises that we have prepared for you.

  • Also, don’t miss out hands-on experience with Smart Albert Robot which can be programmed to carry tasks to serve multiple purposes! 

If you would like to learn more about dementia, or know someone who might have dementia and need some information, we have a booth of dementia professionals who will be able to assist you.

If you would like to volunteer your services to help our PWD, or partner up with us to create work opportunities for our abled PWD, we will love to get in touch and speak with you too!

Thank you, and we are excited to see you on 29th September 2018, 10am – 4pm in Pasir Ris East Community Centre, Level 2. 






Announcement of Environment Enhancement Project at Apex Harmony Lodge


Dear Family Care Partners,


Hope you are doing well.  We are happy to bring you the news of another transformational work at Apex Harmony Lodge in the best interest for our beloved Residents and Day Care Elders living with dementia.

Apex Harmony Lodge, passionately known as the Lodge was established in 1999, and through the years the Lodge has undergone transformation in the way we care for People with Dementia (PWD) guided by our mission and operating philosophy.  The transformation journey has blessed us with many opportunities to learn from our beloved elderly, family care partners like your good self and from experts in the field.   To further improve our Person-Centred Care (PCC) to our residents, the management has decided to embark on a major undertaking, an Environmental Enhancement (EE) Project to improve and enhance its existing environment and facilities.        

The EE Project seeks to improve the existing building premise and the garden so that the Residents can blissfully enjoy their stay in a safe, secure and conducive home that empower them physically, emotionally and spiritually.  

This EE project would kick-off in Dec 2017 and is expected to take about 1.5 to 2 years to complete.  Upon completion, our Residents will have a Home which is more enabling and empowering that supports them to live well.  Key enhancements Residents can look forward to include personalised bedrooms, brighter environment with more natural light, more space for them to pursue their hobbies and socialise with others. Other highlights are brighter and enabling en-suite toilet, patios or faux balcony to bring the Residents closer to nature, and a sensory stimulating garden for them to explore and to take part in their preferred physically or cognitively stimulating activities.

Though this project can be complex, all preparations have been done to ensure quality of care is not compromised; existing daily activities would proceed as per normal or with minimal changes to its schedules / activities.   The Lodge would ensure that the din, dust and debris are well controlled to minimise any discomfort to the residents.     

The Lodge hopes for your kind understanding and support as we journey together to bring to the Residents an environment that is best suited for PWD and something to look forward to, that they could proudly call Home.   We seek your understanding in putting up with slight inconveniences during the construction phase.   We believe that you, like us, would want to do the best of whatever we could to serve the residents better within our means.     

If you do have any queries regarding the EE project, please do not hesitate to contact the following and we would revert to you soonest possible:-


Contact Person: Daniel Huang, Facility Management Executive   
Tel-no: 6585 2265 ext. 238 (during office hours from 0900-1700 weekdays)


Once again, thank you for your support.



Ms Soh Mee Choo

Chief Executive Officer

Apex Harmony Lodge 



Environment Enhancement Project at Apex Harmony Lodge


Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]



The Lodge looks fine, why do you want to make changes?



While the Lodge still look in reasonable condition, we believe we could further enhance targeted areas and amenities so that the Residents and staff feel proud and good in it.   With this, more natural light would stream into the Home, Residents would have personalised bedrooms, and enjoy more spaces for socialising and engagement as well as bringing nature even closer to the Residents.



Why do now?



Due to the nature of this renovation process, the management has deliberated for a while as we need to have sufficient fund for this undertaking and to ensure that it is well-spent to meet the intended outcomes.   When the decision was made, we intend to speed it up so that the residents can enjoy this earliest possible, and to help shorten inconveniences to everyone as much as possible.



Where does the money come from?



This investment is purely from donation accumulated over the years.   It has not been an easy decision, but the management believes the final outcomes would be worth it.  



What would be changed in this process?



 There are many areas.   But here are few examples. 

  • In the bedroom, there will be more natural light with major revamp to the existing windows. This will also bring about better ventilation.  For Level 2 & Level 3, there will be faux balcony and for L1, there is a patio for garden viewing.   The flooring would be changed to timber like vinyl sheet.  The bed head wall space, wardrobe and pedestals would be changed to make it more homely.
  • All en-suite toilets would be revamped to enable a brighter, safer, and fresher homely look for the Residents;
  •  All nurse stations would be re-configured to an open concept to free up space and encourage greater interaction of Residents;
  • The Servery at Level 1 would also adopt an  open concept to invite Residents to be engaged in many fruitful activities in this area;
  • Revamp of the courtyard garden to enliven the space and;
    • Improvements to the main garden with many interesting sights, sound & smell to provide multi-sensory experiences to Residents, and dementia friendly outdoor areas to stimulate Residents cognitively and physiologically



During construction, how would our loved ones be affected?



We would ensure that the noise, dust and debris are well-controlled so that our Residents and staff could still be actively involved in their daily activities in a safe and secured place.   However it is expected there would be temporary reconfiguration of walkway dependent on the construction phase.  Some inconveniences would be expected as activities may be modified accordingly.  Visitors to the Lodge should follow clear directional signages that will be put up to help all to proceed to their destinations.



With many contractors milling around, how do you ensure adequate safety & security?



Safety and security of our residents and staff is constantly our utmost priority.   Our in-house stringent checking including the protection of Residents’ privacy is in place and we would be working closely with the contractors and safety officer. If you note any areas for improvement, we would appreciate your quick feedback to us.



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The Apex850 is an annual charity fundraising bike ride inaugurated in January 2013 with cyclists from both Malaysia and Singapore. The 850km cycle-thon demonstrated the values of determination, resilience and endurance.

The Singapore cyclists are riding for Apex Harmony Lodge and they raised $170k in 2013, through donations by generous individuals and corporate sponsors. And in 2014, they raised S$280k.

Although the cyclists were from two different countries supporting two different charities, they were flagged off together on February 25th in Singapore.  They encouraged and supported each other throughout the journey with the common hope to succeed and complete the race for the people they are trying to help.

The funds collected for Apex Harmony Lodge was matched dollar-for-dollar by the Community Silver Trust Fund; and went towards the building up of the capability of the Lodge.


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